And that is one unprecedented way to catch someone cheating. Hail technology!!

Happens to be, Google Maps, besides showing you the right direction, can also help you with spying on someone until they are on the streets. And that’s exactly what this man from Peru used it for.

The man brought into use the Street View feature of Google Maps to catch his cheating wife. The street view feature, for the unaware, allows you to see real-time cars, bikes, lamp posts, traffic signal lights from various locations that are captured by 360-degree cameras. One can say, it makes life easier and better.

But surely not for this lady who was caught cuddling with another man. The photo showed a man, dressed in blue jeans and a white t-shirt, lying on a bench next to a woman in black and white clothing. When zoomed in, the husband finds the woman stroking the man’s hair.

The husband came across the scene back in 2013. He said he recognised the woman from the clothes she was wearing. Soon after, the two got divorced.

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