Amazing Concrete Art – How To Making A Concrete Pattern With Sand And Cement

Dear Viewer as we know all Cement and sand is a very commonly available thing near us and easily available with any hardware shop near you ..

sometimes you can get it to form nearly construction site from collect waste material and start your idea convert into beautiful design eco-friendly item at home

How you can prepare To Make any Design and art suppose you have assume you want to make Small Gamla then you can make first

Mold:-By wast Paper card bord, and any other thing like what shape you want to design

And Then Make Past with cement and cent and put it in to your mold and after 7 to 8 hour you can get out your structure form mold and put some water spray on it to make hard enjoy now your design is ready to use also

you can make it color full by filling water color or oil paint and many more

thing you can start making by Mold Shap and you can start selling this kind of beautifull design for You and other opeple and start earning with this featival comming session

You can get more information by google search or youtube server as well as..

Idea i Pikup form here..

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